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The professional Bulk PageRank Checker!

#1 Bulk PageRank Checker is a professional program for checking very large lists of URL's for Google PageRank. You can easily check more than 10,000 URL's without getting blocked.

Check 10,000 URL's
#1 Bulk PageRank Checker allows you to use an option which limits the number of sites that the program can check over a minute or an hour. This is a good way to make sure that you won't get blocked by Google when checking for example a large list of 10,000 URL's from one IP. Just enable the setting under options and click on start, it's that easy.

Fake PageRank Checker
In the latest version of #1 Bulk PageRank Checker (version 2.20 and later) you can now check for domains with a fake PageRank. Some people have found ways to give URL's a fake PageRank which it doesn't normally have. In the latest versions of this program you will be able to efficiently detect and weed out such scams.

Sophisticated Anonymization Options
#1 Bulk PageRank Checker offers you two different anonymization options, HTTP proxys and Personal Web Proxys. If you need to check thousands of sites quickly then you may either take your chances and let the program run without any query limits. Which may cause you to get temporarily blocked from performing any PageRank queries for a couple of hours. Alternatively you can enable query limits, but that slows down the checking. So what are your options?

Superior Proxy Speed with Quality results
If you want to maintain a high speed and quality with the possibility to use multiple IP's (less likely to get blocked), then you can setup Personal Web Proxys on one or several of your websites. It's very simple, all you do is put our small PHP script on your website (included with the software) and let #1 Bulk PageRank Checker query that script. It will then use the websites IP and not your own. This produces high quality results and lets you check many sites at a high speed.

Or you can use HTTP proxys (basic authentication supported!) which also masks your real IP, but instead produces more errors. #1 Bulk PageRank Checker allows you to import thousands of proxys, which makes Google think that the PageRank queries are coming from all around the world and not from one specific computer. This gives you the possibility to continue until each proxy in the list has been blocked or until you are done.

Include/Exclude URL's
If you only want to check for example .com and .biz domains then #1 Bulk PageRank Checker can take care of that for you. You may in fact turn it around, so it checks all sites except for .com and .biz domains. The program allows you to include or exclude any URL that does or doesn't contain the string(s) of your choice. And that is definetly not all, #1 Bulk PageRank Checker offers you so much more.

Curious? Check it out, it's free to try!

Some of the functions included are...

Easily check 10,000 sites or more for PageRank

Check domains for fake PageRank
Limit the queries to keep you from getting blocked
Personal Web Proxys (superior speed compared to standard proxys)
HTTP proxy support (with basic http proxy authentication support)
Support for national characters in domain names (IDN)
Include/Exclude any URL's of your choice
Display PageRank breakdown for each URL checked
Only save URL's that have at least PageRank X
Check only the domains of the loaded URL's
Add www. to URL's where it isn't found
Read from both TXT and CSV files
Save URL's to a single file
Save each URL to a separate file based on PageRank
Real-time stats
Clean interface
And more...

Free Shareware limitations
The free Shareware version can check a maximum of 200 websites per session, buy the full version to permanently remove this limitation and to get free support and updates for the program

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Version 2.24
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Full version benefits

Check an unlimited number of websites

Free updates
Free support
Lifetime license


All of those features will be available to you if you purchase a copy today!

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#1 Bulk PageRank Checker Changelog

Version 2.24 - January 9, 2014
* Added the changelog window
* Updated the parsing for Fake PR detection
* Added ability to check full URL's for PR
* Fixed the parsing error for internationalized domain names (IDN)

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